It helps eliminate back pain and neck ache --- You'll burn more calories __ It improves blood circulation __ It realigns the spine It gives you more energy and vitality

The ball alone can be used for training and stretching


.. It strenghtens abs and core muscles __

You can perform mini sessions of training at your desk

__ It improves balance It helps eliminate leg pain and heaviness
The Kikka Active Chair is an ergonomic chair designed and recommended by physiotherapists.
It's revolutionary as it integrates an inflatable gym ball (also known as "Swiss ball" or "Pilates ball") into an office chair.
With the Active Chair you'll be active even when sitting! It helps strenghtens your whole body, in particular your back, abs, neck and thighs.

THE Active Chair

Improve your posture and reduce fatigue at home or in the office with Kikka Active Chair. Ergonomically designed to align your body while relieving tension and stress on your back, the fitness chair provides a healthy, proactive sitting position, thereby engaging your postural muscles and allowing you to experience the benefits of movement while remaining seated. The chair works by constantly encouraging some type of motion, helping keep you alert throughout the day. That's because the unstable surface encourages your body to find the most efficient way to balance. Since the best way to sit is with proper spinal alignment, you'll have a natural tendency to sit upright with good posture, thereby improving your balance, posture, core stability, and core strength all in one. A ball chair even helps improve circulation, letting you sit back without back stiffness and fatigue. Best of all, research has shown that seemingly minor physical activity - such as active sitting - can burn up to 350 extra calories a day.

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High-quality, anti-burst balance ball.

>> The inflatable ball is made of PVC and does not contain vinyl.

>> Vari-inflatable for optimum seat height/comfort.

>> Secure base with easy-glide lockable casters.

>> Designed for users up to 150 kg. and between 5'1"-6'5" (four height adjusters are sent with the chair).

>> Includes air pump.

>> Removable 52cm balance ball can be used for exercises on or off the chair.

>> Easy assembly required.


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